Summer Pet Peeve: Gasoline Motors on Yard Care Equipment

English: A John Deere L120 lawn mower in a Fin...

English: A John Deere L120 lawn mower in a Finnish garden. Suomi: John Deere -merkkinen ajoleikkuri puutarhassa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gasoline motors on yard care equipment drives me batty. The waste of energy, the pollution, the noise, all just to trim the grass and clean up the clippings!

A reel mower and a rake can accomplish the exact same thing with a little bit more effort, and a lot less noise. Besides, it’s really better to leave the clippings on the grass to nourish it.

The other day, I saw a teenager cleaning the clippings off a newly mown lawn with a leaf blower! I cannot imagine a less efficient way to do the work!

Rant over. Thanks for humoring me.

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  1. i wouldn’t be able to mow my 3 acres otherwise without a riding lawn mower, using a push one you describe would take me a month, besides i would rather spend my energies on gardening and extending my garden to where I eventually have less yard to mow. i do leave the grass clippings on. it will take me a while to accomplish this, I don’t see anything wrong with mowers. maybe your letting the scaremongers enviromentalists wanna bes get to you with myths and exaggerations and lies. you could get a chemistry book and get some idea how chemicals (co2 is achemical oxygen is a chemical all things are made up of chemicals your body is loaded with chemicals) I found learning basic chemistry enjoyable. so when you hear someone talk about pollution ask them specifically what pollution they are talking about that way you can distinquish between chemicals and pollution.

    • I’m sorry you were so upset by my post — perhaps I should have clarified that I live in a city, on small lots — a riding mower can barely turn around on most of the lots in my neighborhood. Using a motorized mower when necessary is one thing in my mind, and it’s quite another to spend 20 minutes or more waving a leaf blower around at grass clippings that are better left on the grass.

      And I’m afraid you were the one who leapt to conclusions about what I meant by pollution — I was actually thinking of the reek and smell left by the gasoline engines — so strong you can’t even smell the flowers. If I wanted to smell gasoline, I’d go stand in a gas station, not walk down the sidewalk in my neighborhood.

  1. Gasoline Motors for Lawn Maintenance - In or Out? | Taylor Construction

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