Emily: Flawed ( #fiction )

Emily was ready to cry. It turned out that her plan to come to Ireland and hide out with Jim had a fatal flaw — while she had been in England, he had hooked up with Wendy, and Wendy had moved in with him in the flat. Now there was no room for Emily. Okay, Jim and Wendy had been making heroic efforts over the past few days, but the couch just wasn’t working for Emily any more.

And Jim was having a lot of trouble hiding his irritation with Emily over being pregnant. Yes, it was time to move on. But where? Where could a criminal girl go, when she was pregnant, her ex-partner was hooked up, her current partner was dead, and some very scary people were after her?

Emily paced the tiny apartment, thinking, all morning. Jim and his new girl were out, and she had the place to herself. Finally, she accepted the inevitable. She would have to go home.

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