My Garden Today

The last frost date is creeping closer. Some nights it doesn’t even freeze, and the days are getting warmer. It feels like it might actually be spring. The daffodils are blooming. The tulips in my cold, north-facing front yard are on the cusp of blooming. A few in the warm, south-facing backyard have begun to bloom, but they are not at their peak yet.

Over the weekend, I finished digging out my new bed from the lawn. I emptied out my compost bin, and got many buckets of compost out, several of which went to cover the new bed. Then I added a mini-hoop house to warm up for cabbage seedlings next weekend, and I planted the kale and leek seedlings. They are not too happy, but I think they’ll make it.

Today, I finished pulling out the grass and dandelions from the bed that went fallow last year when I couldn’t be out in the garden as much. Tomorrow the solar mulch goes in, to warm the soil for cucumbers and melons. Then two more sections to clear out. These sections were used last year, but I neglected weeding them and I only removed the tired tomato and pumpkin plants at the end of the season, not the grass. This year I will put in the artichokes and okra here, and hopefully have enough room for beans. The tomatoes will move across the lawn, and I’m not sure where the pumpkins will go.

I also started the pumpkins, squashes (2 types of gourds, 2 types of squashes), melons, cucumbers, and okra this weekend. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure where the squashes will go, either, but I’m sure I’ll find a place for them. Perhaps there will be room with the cucumbers and melons, or perhaps they would like the empty bed to the north, just on the other side of the mini-hoop house I set up in late winter for early greens (which are doing quite nicely).

I wanted to plant more seeds outdoors this weekend, like carrots and lettuce, but was too busy. Hopefully I can get to them soon.

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