How Not to Keep a Customer

We have been having issues with our pre-paid cell phone, culminating in our deciding today not to use the company any more.

How Not to Keep a Customer

  1. Make it impossible for the customer activate the phone on their own.
  2. Turn off the feature to buy more minutes directly on the phone.
  3. Allow the customer to buy more minutes, but don’t allow them access to these minutes on the phone.
  4. When the customer realizes they have been charged for minutes they can’t use, and calls you, hang up on them.
  5. When they call back, make them spend over an hour on the phone with you, then tell them the phone is broken and the company will refund the minutes. Transfer them to the employee who does refunds.
  6. Have the employee who does refunds tell them they are lying because the computer system says one thing, the phone says another, and of course you can’t believe the customer.

No refund was forthcoming or offered, so we went to our bank, which issued our credit card, explained the situation, the banker called the credit card division, and a refund will be issued to us. Fingers crossed the cell phone company doesn’t dispute the refund!


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  1. The only problem with your post … you do not mention the company that does not want your business.


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