In the garden today

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I spent some time out in the garden today — I should have been out last Friday to sow more seeds in the mini hoop house, but we have been having nasty weather for a week — first it was cold and cloudy, then rainy, and then really windy. Today was the first mostly nice day in a week (it was still rather breezy even though it was warm), so I thought I better get out there.

The crocuses are still pretty, although the little purple ones are done, and the remaining ones are pretty beat up by the big wind we had yesterday. A lone grape hyacinth has made its appearance, and the tulips are coming up nicely. The daffodils are beginning to bud, and the hyacinth are too, although they are still weeks away from blooming.

So what did I actually do out there? I discovered I needed to enlarge my mini hoop house, so I loosened the soil with my garden fork (instead of turning it over and letting sunlight reach the weed seeds, I read this tip in a magazine a month or so ago),  and pulled out the grass and dandelions. Then I added my plant markers and seeds for kohlrabi, napa cabbage, cabbage, and beets. I also sowed more arugula, but I just added those seeds to the existing arugula section. Then I added more hardware cloth and a row cover. After watering both hoop house sections, I tacked the row covers down with plenty of garden staples.

Then I headed across the yard to my existing vegetable bed, which was sadly neglected last year. I found last year’s onions and the bulbs were a little soft but they’ll make great baby green onions. After harvesting those, I forked the rest of the bed and pulled out the grass and dandelions (and something that looked like some kind of tree but not the usual suspects for weeds). Then I sowed my seeds: arugula, spinach, mache’, and lettuce.

I also watered a few beds and weeded a flower bed. I also hoed the new bed I partially dug out last week — grass was popping up & I’m not ready to cover in compost yet.

All in all, a productive afternoon.

Indoors, my sweet william, pac choi, yellow pear tomatoes, kohlrabi, and cabbages (2nd sowing) have sprouted. The celery, celeriac, leeks, onions, and cabbages (1st sowing) continue to do well.

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