Waking Up: Snow Monsters #fiction

A pink and yellow light shines on my head. It is warm. I move and stir, stretching. I stretch up into something cold, and my face presses into something wet and cold. I open my eyes, blinking into snow. I stand up quickly, snow falling off me back into my cave. The sun shines down on me, casting dark shadows onto the brightness of the snowy riverbank. Now I remember! I just survived my first night out in the open, on my way to find the snow monsters. I want to let out a whoop of joy, but I stop myself in time. No point in calling attention to myself.

I dig down in the snow and pull out my pack. I unzip it and grab a granola bar for breakfast. I eat it as I cross the river on a bridge I found just downriver from my camp, swinging my walking pole at my side. It is a beautiful morning, and I am alive.

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