Spring is Here!

I’ve been spending tons of time outdoors, getting the garden ready for summer. I also transplanted lots of celery starts today — hope they survive the treatment. And my napa cabbage is doing so well I had to thin it today. I can hardly believe I have to keep it indoors until the seedlings are 6 weeks old, but I am trying very hard this year not to do things too early — I lose too many starts that way, trusting the weather to hold, and it never does here in Idaho in the spring.

Celery Seedling Starts

Celery Seedlings

Napa Cabbage Seedling Starts

Napa Cabbage Seedlings

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  1. I hope you are right. Our den is overflowing with plants yearning to get outside.

  2. I love gardening! I used to have huge issues getting my plants acclimated to the outside. I have to force myself to take things a lot slower (for them) than I want to and I have not lost a plant again! Our little plants are about 3 inches tall now and I still have until mid May before I can start moving them out in the day and another week after that before they can camp out outside over night. (STIR CRAZY!)

    Enjoy your gardening!!


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