Teaching Thursday: So you want to open an Etsy shop

Introducing a new series on Lizbeth’s Garden blog: Teaching Thursday, a weekly how-to guide to opening and running an Etsy store. I am currently the captain of the Etsy DTeam, an Etsy team devoted to helping new Etsy sellers get their shops up and running, so I answer lots of questions for people, and I thought I would start collecting all the answers in one spot. I will be cross-posting these posts on the DTeam blog. I will also write an occasional how-to post on other topics, just to mix things up a little. Those posts will stay here on Lizbeth’s Garden.

Opening your first Etsy store

This post is not legal or tax advice. I am simply sharing my experiences. Please check with your accountant and/or lawyer before making legal or tax decisions based on this article.

You will need:

  1. a name for your store,
  2. an email address (preferably matching your store name, but that’s not required),
  3. any licenses required for home businesses in your area (possibly a sales tax license from your state, and/or a county or city license — I am not a lawyer, so check with your local jurisdiction for requirements), and
  4. a bank account and/or a PayPal account for your business.

I found that I would have gotten a better tax deal if I had started my Etsy store at the beginning rather than the end of the calendar year. So keep that in mind for planning when to open.

Go to Etsy.com and click on Sell in the upper left corner to sign up for a selling account. Follow the directions and you’re set! Now you’ll need to list items, get a banner, set your policies, and get feedback. All these and more will be posts in the coming weeks!

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