Sunday Service: For the Common Good

At church today, we were reminded that it takes individuals each giving up something and sacrificing for the community, working for the common good, to make a community work.

How have you worked for the common good this week? I worked in a cold room to make sure Sunday school happened today, and worked on planning a documentary screening of The House I Live In in April, to raise awareness of the prison system and its impact on local communities. I feel odd telling you all about what I did this week, but if behind-the-scenes people don’t speak up, then no one knows what goes into making their communities run. So tell me, what did you sacrifice to make sure your communities worked?

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  1. Lets see, did lesson plan for Sunday school class, and ran Sunday school class, recorded plate and payroll for church, did some reading on neurons and realized that scanning them may be really hard ( ), did February budget, complained to Minister’s ISP that they rejected the PDF budget attachment (which the ISP has ignored so far). Oh, and spent most of Saturday at board retreat.


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