The next day ( #fiction )

I slept well in my little cave, and woke before dawn. I crept down to the creek in the dark, thirsty. I need to be back in the cave by light, to avoid any searchers. I’m not supposed to be here. I should be on the ship, traveling out into space. I wonder if anyone will come looking for me. Perhaps my son will tell them I died last night. Will they want proof?

The creek is very low now in the high heat of summer, and I stepped in the almost-stagnant water before I saw it. I guess I should boil it, but it doesn’t really matter now. I don’t want to waste my iodine tablets on water I’m pretty sure won’t kill me. And if it did, I would die here on Earth, as I am meant to. After my drink, I splashed my face with water and returned to the cave. I curled up in a little ball in the farthest corner of the cave. I don’t think there will be searchers tomorrow, but today is a dangerous day.

To be continued …

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