Sunday Service: Singing

English: Sanctuary of First Unitarian Church o...

Sanctuary of First Unitarian Church of Rochester during Sunday service (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I really wanted to get this posted yesterday, but I wasn’t home until the evening, and by then I was too tired to write. So instead you have a Sunday Service post on Monday morning.

The singing at church always moves me. Yesterday was especially moving, as the congregation sang a song in two part harmony (Now Let Us Sing) and another song whose words really move me (When Your Heart is in a Holy Place). The songs are in Singing the Living Tradition and Singing the Journey, respectively, if you’re interested.

I was inspired to write a little poem. It is just a draft, in unfinished form, but when it is done it will go in my chapbook. I thought I would share it with you, even if it is a draft.

Singing together, voices rise in
Community and harmony
Sharing a song, sharing worship
Perfect communion of life and love.

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