Keep Calm and Carry On

The tragedy in Connecticut makes me ill, and teary. I wasn’t going to even mention it here, because it upsets me so, and I’m sure other people feel the same way. But I have seen that some bloggers will be observing a Blogging Day of Silence tomorrow, and I feel compelled to explain why I will not.

I do not wish to seem callous, or unfeeling, but I cope best by carrying on with my life. We all have our own ways of coping, and blogging as usual tomorrow is how I will be coping. I did not blog Friday, out of respect, but for me, it is time to carry on with my life. Sometimes I think that if we put our lives on hold, the evil wins.

If you will not be blogging tomorrow, I respect that.

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  1. I am still struggling with it too. I can’t read about it or think about it with out getting teary. I agree with you, the best coping mechanism for me is to carry on with my routine.

  2. Very well put and I agree.


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