Emily: Restricted (fiction)

She paced the floor, irritated. The clicking of her high-heeled boots failed to soothe her with the sound of success. Instead of comfort, today she found only irritation.

If she weren’t so restricted by her need to stay hidden, to stay in the shadows at the top of the Organization, she’d have gotten the girl by now. And the boy. She wouldn’t have botched it and lost him, too.

But if she wanted people to believe Mr. Big was still in charge (and it was better that way, she had her own demons to hide from) then she had to rely on these piddling thugs. Oooh, she could scream, she was so frustrated. She needed that girl. Together, she and Emily could take over the world.

To be continued . . .

{These vignettes were inspired by prompts at Daily Writing Practice. Go ahead and visit and see what other amazing writing is going on.}

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