Emily: The Professional (fiction)

The detective sighed. Tracking these two was like trying to catch a bat in a darkened room. It knew what it was doing, you couldn’t see a thing, and every once in a while you made a futile leap at a shadow that hadn’t been there a moment ago.

He was sure he had found them after the mysterious accident at the police station in Kent, and he did find more than shadows, but the girl was gone and the boy was dead, or so they told him at the lodgings he thought they had been living at. Someone else had gotten to the poor kid first. He’d need to ID that body, but first he had a thug to interview.

The thug had driven a car into the station, an apparent attempt to kidnap the girl, but she had gotten away. All he knew was that ‘someone’ had hired him to grab the girl, but she was a clever b**** and got away.

The detective could find no trace of her outside a couple blocks of the police station. He wanted to find her desperately now. It was obvious that some very dangerous people were after her, and he cared about her beyond his job. It had gone beyond catching criminals. He had grown to like her in the past year.

To be continued . . .

{These vignettes were inspired by prompts at Daily Writing Practice. Go ahead and visit and see what other amazing writing is going on.}

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