Emily: Reacquainted (fiction)

Emily searched the Dublin docks for a familiar face. Her contact, well really an old friend, was supposed to meet her here — she had sent a coded telegram under her old alias from the ferry office in England. She shifted her weight from foot to foot, praying he had been home and the telegram had not gone astray.

Finally she heard a welcome “Jane!” and Jim came charging out from the crowd and swooped up in a big bear hug. She staggered slightly. She had forgotten how exuberant Jim could be.

“What have you been doing to yourself, girl? There’s more of you than there used to be!” He tucked her hand in the crook of his arm and strolled back the way he had come. Then he stopped. “Wait. Do you have any luggage we should be worrying about?”

She laid her head on his familiar shoulder and snuggled in. “No, I didn’t have time to bring any. It’s just me and the baby,” she said sleepily. It was so good to be back with Jim again. What had she been thinking, storming off during a flaming row and going to England?

Jim had stopped walking in the middle of the pavement. Dubliners flowed around them. “What do you mean, baby?!” he demanded angrily.

“Oh, Jim, I’m too tired to explain now. Let’s go back to the flat and I’ll explain it all to you there.”

Jim shifted uncomfortably. “Um, about the flat. There’s something you should know.”

To be continued . . .

{These vignettes were inspired by prompts at Daily Writing Practice. Go ahead and visit and see what other amazing writing is going on.}

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