Another Fall Gardening Update

Dried CornstalksDon’t worry, soon it will be too cold & snowy for gardening, and you won’t have to hear about it anymore. :)

List #1 (Imperative)

  1. Still: Rake leaves — mostly done — half the backyard & most of the leaves are raked, must do the other half of the backyard and all of the front — Can you tell I don’t want to do this?

List #2 (Nice to do but not imperative)

  1. Prune currant bushes, flowering quince bushes — DONE
  2. Trim grass around currant bushes
  3. Prune cherry tree, sycamore tree watersprouts — DONE
  4. Cut back chives around sycamore tree — DONE
  5. Cut back irises in backyard

And I also finished weeding and trimming around the front patio. The lists are getting shorter. Which is nice, because I am tired of clipping back grass & perennials. Now I will go pour candy in a bag for early trick-or-treaters.

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