Fall Gardening Update

Rake in Fallen LeavesYesterday was a very productive day in the garden for me. My helper and I spent 3 hours out there, and we finished most of the things that had to be done before the snow comes. And not a moment too soon, it snowed in the night tonight — an inch is on the ground right now. Update: After actually going outside, it seems we got more like 3 inches of wet snow last night.

List #1 (Imperative)

  1. Mulch roses and protect canes — DONE
  2. Wrap blueberry pots and hosta pot (bubble wrap and burlap) — DONE
  3. Plant 1 more bag each of daffodils and tulips (must trim/pull grass in beds to do this) — DONE
  4. Pull up sweet pea plants in front of house
  5. Plant new chrysanthemums and lavender plant — DONE (and weeded around the front lawn patio, and trimmed up the perennials there, giving us room to plant the new plants, this is where the tulips went, too)
  6. Rake leaves — mostly done — half the backyard & most of the leaves are raked, must do the other half of the backyard and all of the front

List #2 (Nice to do but not imperative)

  1. Cut up branches trimmed from trees, mulch vegetable beds with them to keep cats out — DONE
  2. Prune currant bushes, flowering quince bushes
  3. Trim grass around currant bushes
  4. Prune cherry tree, sycamore tree watersprouts
  5. Cut back chives around sycamore tree
  6. Cut back irises in backyard
  7. Cut down cornstalks and fertilize soil in barrel where corn grows
  8. Fertilize soil in barrel where mini pumpkins grow
  9. Empty containers on deck that don’t have plants to overwinter
  10. Take strawberry pots in driveway to back deck — one moved, the other is still in the driveway

So the must-do list is almost done, leaving the nice-but-not-imperative list. Very nice — I feel pretty good about it. There’s a chance I’ll get it all done before the snow (or really bad weather) comes. If I can get the second list done, I’ll have a good start on my spring chores too. Here’s hoping.

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