Mad at Macy’s

A couple weeks ago, I opened my newspaper and a wave of scent came out. I suppose some people like this, or advertisers wouldn’t tuck scent cards in their advertisements. But for me, with sensitivities and allergies to strong scents and chemicals, it was awful. I immediately started sneezing and felt sick to my stomach.

I found 2 scent cards and threw them in the trash. I called the newspaper, and was connected to the advertising section, where I learned that the paper has no control over these scent cards, even if they are making their subscribers (their customers) sick because their other customers (the advertisers) supply these cards automatically in their ads.

I did learn that the cards had been in the Macy’s ad, and that the woman I spoke to in the advertisements department would work with the printing department to affix the cards better in the ads in the future, so they wouldn’t fall out and scent the entire newspaper. This made me feel a little better — the newspaper is at least doing their best, I feel, to mitigate the issues caused by their advertisers.

All was well, or so I thought until later in the evening when I began sneezing repeatedly, and developed a headache. What could be causing it? All the scent cards were safely in the covered kitchen trash, right? Nope. I could still smell one, and after searching, one more was found and tossed. But it was too late. I had allergy symptoms for two more days.

All in all, I find myself extremely annoyed with Macy’s. Why should I want to shop at a store that makes me feel miserable with their advertisements?

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  1. I’m not a fan of perfumed adverts either. They’re usually far too strong. I don’t even like the cleaner aisle at Target.


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