Today is September 11

Never forget — the title of someone else’s blog post for today. So many things we must never forget: the American Revolution, the Civil War, Pearl Harbor, the Holocaust, the assassinations of JFK and MLK, Jr. Now 9/11. Must we spend our lives remembering atrocities?

I remember September 11, though I was not in New York City or Washington, DC. I remember the terrible sights of that day. I also remember the fear, and the anger, and the awful sensation that the world had been tipped upside down and the future was unknown. I remember another thing, I remember the feeling of patriotism and of drawing together as a people. Somehow, in that terrible day, there was a feeling that we were in it together and it would be alright.

Somewhere along the way, that feeling of patriotism and solidarity got twisted with a desire for revenge and the positive feelings slipped away into a swamp of fear and war-mongering.

We never will forget, but our children will. Even though we tell them to remember, how can they remember something that never happened?

If we only remember the atrocities, how can we find peace? Where is peace in this violent world?

Many religions preach peace, but they have not succeeded in bringing peace to the world. How can we reconcile our need to remember and honor the dead with peace?

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