Sunday Service: Ingathering

Summer is ending, fall is coming, and it is time for the church year to begin again. As schools get back in session and the kids get back to learning, the same thing is happening in our churches as summer schedules end, regular attendees return from vacation, and we return for another year of spiritual growth, fun, and challenges.

Do you have a church home? Have you committed to them with your talents and time, as best you can at this time in your life? If you haven’t, why not? If you have no church home, why not? Where do you nourish your spirituality?

Churches are more than just Sunday mornings listening to a message or sermon and singing hymns. They are sustained by their volunteers. Without volunteers, there is no food or beverages for after the service (coffee hour in many churches). Without volunteers, there is no children’s program, no Sunday school. Without volunteers, there are no greeters, no ushers, no music (in many churches), no flowers on the alter or podium. Think about where your talents lie, and how you can give back to your church home with those talents.


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