Outdoor Party

You know, I have spent very little time outside lately. I realize this because I went to an outdoor party tonight, and it was the first time in a very long time that I have spent more than a few minutes outside, hanging out in the grass. (The fair last week was outdoors, true, but the fair is not the same as being on a lawn in the evening.)

The party was held at someone’s house out of town. It was so quiet. I don’t realize, even in a small city (some of you in big metropolises wouldn’t even think it a city), just how noisy it is in town. But out there in the country, away from busy roads, it was very quiet. It was lovely.

I need to spend more time outside. Normally I spend a pretty good amount of time outdoors, gardening, but between the poor weather in the spring, family stuff, and the smoke in the air lately, I have not really been outside much. But the smoke is gradually improving, as the fires burn into old burns, and it’s getting cooler, so maybe I can get out more.

Tomorrow is a good day to go outside and garden.

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