Working Wednesday: Tassel Color Samples

I am well embarked on my project to create a tiny tassel in every color I have so I can use them as samples in my custom item listings. Today I created the layout I will use for the montage of all the tassels and put the first few photos in.

Layout for tassel sample photo montage

Layout for tassel sample photo montage
{Click the image to zoom in and see the name of each color}

It turns out I can’t fit all the photos on one page, so this is just the first page — it will be multiple images in an Etsy listing. But progress is made — I hope to have all the tassels done by the end of this month. Maybe I will even have all the stitch marker sets made!

This was written for WiP Wednesday, an event of the Idaho Etsy Team. Be sure and check out what everyone else is working on, too!

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  1. That’s a big job! Looks great so far! – Diane from Idaho Etsy Team

    • Thanks — much progress has been made — perhaps I will get the photos done for an update soon.

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