Emily: Branching Out (fiction)

Emily dug furiously in the dirt under the spreading tree. ‘Chris, it’s not working out. I think we’re going to have to try Plan B.’

Chris replied, ‘I’m sorry, Em. It seemed like such a great plan to branch out into being cat burglars. I guess it’s back to roaming the roads again.’

Emily’s shovel clanged on something. ‘Good. It’s still here.’

She dug more slowly until they could lift out a large metal box. They brushed off the dirt, and opened it up. Inside lay colorful gypsy clothes. They stripped off the clothes they were wearing, changed into what was in the box, and shrugged into the rucksacks from the bottom of the box. Their old clothes went in the box, and they reburied it, carefully replacing the sod on the hole when they were done. Before dawn, two young travellers swung onto the road, brushing away their footsteps with leaves.

To be continued . . .

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  1. very intriguing!!! nice!

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