Emily: Unexpected (fiction)

The detective waited inside the darkened house for the suspects. He had been tracking them for over a year, following their activity, trying to find their hiding place. Finally, he had found it. They were late coming back tonight, they must have stopped to celebrate their big heist they pulled off earlier in the day. But they didn’t know he was after them. Soon, they would come back, unsuspecting, and walk into the trap he had laid for them. Hour after hour he waited for them, motionless. No sign of them. He was sure he had the right house. After five hours, he shifted his right leg. And at that moment, he heard them coming up the steps. And then he heard two thumps, and a rustle. There was silence. He flung open the front door and stared out into the empty street. Two beer bottles at the bottom of the steps glinted in the street lamp’s light. Those hadn’t been there before. He’d missed them again.

To be continued …

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