You may have noticed the sparseness of posts lately. I took a break so we could go on vacation. Unfortunately, I came down with food poisoning the day we were supposed to leave, followed in quick succession by the rest of my family. So our big vacation turned into a rest at home, with a small trip into Montana last week when we were feeling better. We did get some lovely photos from our tiny trip, so keep an eye out for those here.

In other news, I am hoping to be writing more, so hopefully I will have poetry and short story snippets to share again, too. Last year, before we started getting sick a lot, I started work on a poetry chapbook, too. I want to work on that more now, and maybe get it into shape to publish — probably the self-publishing route, although I may try the traditional route first.

That’s what’s going on with me — what’s up with you? Did you have a fun vacation? Or not? Share in the comments, please.

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