Back from a mini-vacation

We spent this last weekend traveling to northern Montana to visit family and have a quick (morning-on-the-lake) canoeing trip. Unfortunately, my husband forgot the camera, so there are no pictures of all the amazing things we saw. You know, at first I thought it didn’t matter, my blog has seen enough of the passes and mountains between here and northern Montana. But that was before I saw:

  • a horse-drawn traveling wagon with 3 shaggy draft horses (1 resting & trotting behind, 2 in harness & pulling)
  • a blue dragonfly the color of sapphires
  • a black and white dragonfly with a wingspan as long as my hand
  • a fish with blue fins and gills (although that one may not have been seen no matter what — someone else tried to photograph it and it didn’t turn out)
  • the sunlight shining down through a rift in the clouds onto a lake and spotlighting the water — it shone like gold against the rest of the dark water

I wish I could show you these pictures — each one worth its weight in words. But I cannot, as they do not exist. Perhaps I will write a poem to show you in (inadequate) words.

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