English: Bookends Nederlands: Boekensteun

English: Bookends Nederlands: Boekensteun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went to a big-box office supply store recently to buy bookends. The clerk was very friendly, and introduced herself as soon as I walked in the door.

Clerk: Can I help you find something today?

Me: Yes. I’m looking for bookends.

Clerk: Bookends? What are bookends?

{I’m not from around here originally, so my first thought was that I had used the wrong dialect word and bookends are called something else around here.}

Me: You know, bookends. They have a flat part and a U-shaped part {gesturing with hands} and you use them to hold up books on a shelf.

Clerk: Ohhh. Bookends. {with a look of comprehension}

And she showed me the aisle where they are kept.

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