Return to the Garden

A painting of peonies by Chinese artist Yun Sh...

A painting of peonies by Chinese artist Yun Shouping, Qing Dynasty. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have sadly neglected my garden for the last month or so. But today I finally had time to go in and trim the flower bed edges, do some weeding, and check on my veggies. The first tomatoes are coming soon, the pumpkins have survived the neglect, and everything generally looks pretty good.

The Siberian irises are blooming, which is wonderful since they didn’t bloom last year, and the pinks under the box elder look lovely (their first year in bloom after transplanting). I hope that the peonies bloom next year (I planted them last year), and I hope the lavender blooms soon.

I think the added phosphorus fertilizer has really helped with the summer blooming, and I hope it helps with next spring’s, too! (I didn’t know about it in time to help the spring bloom this year.) Thanks Town & Country Gardens!

It was so relaxing just to pull weeds and clip grass. I am still enjoying using my new grass clipper (the old one, almost 5 years old, broke irrevocably a few weeks ago), although I wish I could get enough leverage to close the blades without my hand as far back on the handles as possible.

Everything looks much, much better. I hope I can tackle the front yard tomorrow or Wednesday.

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