News Round-Up

Summaries of a few news and opinion stories from around the web that I found interesting:

Why you shouldn’t panic about pesticides in foods: Pesticide residues are generally at much lower levels than would be harmful. No mention is made of how pesticide use affects farmworkers. Notable quotation from the article: “No one should stop eating fruits and vegetables because of fears about pesticides.”

How To Stop Science Alienation Syndrome (Split K-12 science education into two tracks, for majors and non-majors): Instead of treating science and math as subjects that children either love or hate, and expecting all of them to pass the same classes, split classes, especially in high school, into specialized classes for children who want to become scientists, and general classes about science in every day life (in cooking, sports, and more) for everyone else.

Up to 27 million people living in slavery: The end of legal slavery did not end trafficking in people, and 27 million people around the world are forced to work for someone else in degrading conditions, deprived of their human rights.

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