Mini Book Review: The Taste of Salt

It made me cry.

There isn’t much else I can say — anything else would sound pretentious and made up. Or else I’d have to let you all in too close to my heart. And while most days it’s easy to pretend that I’m talking to myself here (at least while I write it), there’s other days that I remember these words will be read by other people. And some stuff just can’t be shared with strangers.

So go buy The Taste of Salt by Martha Southgate, or check it out of the library, like I did, and read about Josie and her brother Tick, her mother, Sarah, and Ray, her father. And Daniel, and Ben, and the rest of the characters who float through the book, achingly drawn portraits seen slightly distorted, as seen through water.

Do we ever see life in any other way?

Five out of five stars.

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