Societal Transition: No Robots to Robots

I have never seen a sci-fi book or short story about the transition our society is currently experiencing: the transition between a society with no robots and a society with non-exploited, non-murderous robots. There are plenty of sci-fi stories about societies with peaceful robots that are integrated into the society, and there are a few about robots gone bad, but there are none about how a society gets from where we are now, with all kinds of research into robotics and cursory attention to ethics and ethical robots, to a society that has successfully integrated robots and navigated the ethical pitfalls and possible extermination that await us.

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  1. Well, Robopocalypse does go from a society without AI robots to one with at least sorta integrated intelligent robots, but a couple billion humans are killed in the process (Fredric Brown’s single human struck by lightning is calm by comparison). But off hand I can’t think of any book that describes a peaceful transition.


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