May Goals: Check-In and New Goals for June

The monthly check-in is very, very late this month. I apologize — it seems to be indicative of how May went for me — very little done in the Etsy shop or with this blog — personal and family time took priority, as well as me taking on a permanent role in my quarter-time job — this all means less time for blogging & business. I expect to have less time overall throughout the summer, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see me around much. I do want to get back to listing every day in my shop, though. August is when the Etsy shop picks up for me, and I want to be prepared.

First up, the personal goals.

  1. Write more. Post every day to this blog. Work more on my novel — at least a paragraph a day, preferably 500 words a day. Get out of the no-poetry-writing slump I’ve been in.
    I missed 9 days of blogging in May and very little other writing done.
  2. Start writing notes and letters to friends and family again.
    No notes written.
  3. Keep the house clean. Start following a housekeeping/cleaning schedule again.
    The house got even cleaner in May, and is now the best it has been in years.

Next up, business resolutions for the year.

  1. Get brochures about my tassels and (maybe) actual tassels into at least one local bridal gown store and at least one home decor store.
    Improved wedding brochure photos and continue to tweak the brochure.
  2. Take new tassels for each season/holiday to the local gallery where my tassels are on consignment.
    This still needs to be done: Summer tassels need to be made and go to the gallery.
  3. List a new tassel or item every day in my Etsy store.
    I did not list every day in my Etsy store in May.
  4. List a new item in my Zibbet store.
    Didn’t manage this one.
  5. Make at least one Etsy sale per month.
    Yes! I had 2 Etsy sales in May.
  6. Make at least 40 Etsy sales this year.
    11 down, 29 to go.
  7. Have a home show.
    Planning is not progressing. Must work on that.
  8. Teach a class on beading tassels.
    The class is scheduled for June 23 at 2 pm at Pandora’s Beads — if you are local and would like to attend, I’d love to see you there. Contact me if you have questions.

How did these May goals go?

  1. List enough items in the Zibbet store to bring me up to 1 page of products per section. These are the required numbers:
    Stationery: 2 items
    Paper mache: 11 items
    Art collages: 11 items
    Sculpture: 9 items
    Jewelry: 11 items
    Didn’t manage to list a single item in the Zibbet store.  :(
  2. Retake photos & finish wedding store brochure.
    Retook photos — brochure is much closer to being done.
  3. Take wedding store brochure to at least one store.
    Nope. But I made a list of stores to take it to.
  4. Start baby shower brochure. Retake photos if necessary.
    Nope. I started a list of stores to take it to.
  5. Plan home show.
    Nope. I think it will have to be a fall show.
  6. Send postcards for home show.
  7. Plan tassel beading class  — follow up with venues, start publicizing.
  8. Finish and post to this blog the Tassel Collections pages.
    I will work on this more.
  9. List at least one item in Zibbet store.
  10. Make at least one item for the Zibbet store.
  11. Finish and list Easter tassels.
    Easter tassels finished, need to be listed.
  12. Make beaded purple butterfly tassel.
    Beads picked out.
  13. Make fun summer tassels.
    Thread cut.
  14. Start Halloween/fall tassels.
  15. Read up on SEO and photos for the Etsy shop. Make changes as necessary to update.
    Started updates — need to complete.

June Goals

  1. Finish summer tassels.
  2. Make welcome page for this blog.
  3. Start fall tassels.
  4. Make and list an item in the Zibbet store.
  5. Teach beading class.
  6. Start fall tassels.
  7. Finish wedding brochure.
  8. Finish Tassel Collections pages.

I see my goals evolving through the year — right now I am more focused on my family and other things going on in my life, but I know that I will come back to my store as business picks up and summer ends.


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  1. Those are some hefty, detailed goals! Good luck with them and your shop!

    • Thanks! As you can see, I don’t always accomplish my goals for the month, but having them & writing about them keeps me focused on my shop and on continually improving it.


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