This is So Wrong

Human brain - midsagittal cut

Human brain – midsagittal cut (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Countdown to a Digital Simulation of Every Last Neuron in the Human Brain

This article in Scientific American is about scientists trying to simulate a human brain on a computer. There doesn’t exist a computer with the necessary computing power yet, but it is supposedly coming soon.

This is so wrong on so many levels. First, let me say I can see the scientific value in this, because it would be good to be able to run experiments on something that wasn’t a real human being. BUT, I believe that if you fully simulate the human brain, you have a real human being. We are human because of our brains — there are plenty of other apes without the same complex, large brains we have — and they are not human. If it is not okay to run certain experiments on non-simulated, physical human beings, it is not okay to run them on a human simulated on a computer. It’s not.

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