Three Nice Days in a Row

I hope it continues, but I’ve definitely been making the most of it and getting out in the yard. I’ve been finishing lots of the spring clean-up jobs to get the yard ready for summer. Today I went to the garden center and picked up pansies and some perennials for some bare spots in my beds. The pansies look great in my containers with geraniums — my favorite combination. I don’t have any pictures, sorry, I was too busy with the yard work.

The climbing roses have been uncovered from their winter mulch, winter-kill trimmed back and tied to their trellises. The iris bed is cleared out, ready for growing. My garden bed for perennial vegetables and herbs has three new additions — sweet marjoram, curry, and cinnamon basil. I know the last one is an annual, but maybe it will reseed itself and become permanent. I also repaired one of the drip irrigation sprinklers and can water the far end of the bed again. That system still needs more work, but at least it’s functional again.

Tomorrow, if the weather holds, I will dig out the south vegetable bed, thin the leeks that overwintered in it, add compost (killing two birds with one stone and emptying the compost bin, too), and plant peas and sweet peas. I will also work more on the drip irrigation system mentioned above. If I have time, I will clear out the bed alongside the driveway in the front, and finish dethatching the front yard. Still more to do besides that, but that’s for another day.

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