Mid-Month Goal Check-In

An orange check mark.

An orange check mark. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had an idea to check-in with my goals mid-month, instead of just going through at the end of the month and marking them done or not. So, how am I doing? I only looked at the business goals, but of those, I have completed three and am making progress on two more. Not too bad, I think, for being not quite halfway through the month. So which ones are done? Let’s take a look.

April Goals

  1. Plan tassel beading class.
    Started — got a price quote on a location.
  2. List at least one item in Zibbet store.
  3. Make at least one item for the Zibbet store.
  4. Finish and list Easter tassels.
    In progress.
  5. Do state sales taxes, check profit/loss for 1st quarter.

Lots of tassel work still to be done, but I feel really positive about the way this month is going. I like the accountability of checking in partway through the month, too.

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  1. Lizbeth, I like the idea of teaching the class! You’ll have to keep us posted as that effort moves forward.


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