The Gardening Season is Here (Or, Spring Has Sprung!)

Today started out very unpromisingly, with a coating of snow all over the yards and sidewalks. But by the late afternoon, the snow was almost all gone, and it was a beautiful day.

I got outside and started spring cleaning the yard — raking up leaves and thatch, trimming the flower bed edges, and pulling the last of the old weeds from last summer. I never properly cleaned up the yard at the end of summer, and now I have work to do. The front yard looks much better, all spruced up and ready to grow.

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  1. Spring has definitely sprung here in Western NC. I have the whole week off of work and having been sprucing up outside as well. Are you going to plant anything new this year?

    • Yes, I put in a fairly large vegetable garden every year, and I think I am going to add some more low-growing perennials around the patio (that I built) in my front yard. And replace the marigolds around the cherry tree in the front. And of course there is my container garden on my deck — mustn’t forget that! I also want a fine line buckthorn for my backyard by the shed, but I need a #2 pot, and my main garden nursery didn’t have that last year — maybe this year.


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