March Goals: Check-In and New Goals for April

The first day of April is here. No joking, how did I do for my goals in March?

First up, the personal goals.

  1. Write more. Post every day to this blog. Work more on my novel — at least a paragraph a day, preferably 500 words a day. Get out of the no-poetry-writing slump I’ve been in.
    I posted almost every day to this blog — I only missed 6 days, one less than I missed in January and February. But all other writing suffered.
  2. Start writing notes and letters to friends and family again.
    No notes written.
  3. Keep the house clean. Start following a housekeeping/cleaning schedule again.
    The house is cleaner. I am getting back on track with the schedule.

This month, writing goals suffered (except the blog) and the house is cleaner. Perhaps there is a connection.

Next up, business resolutions for the year.

  1. Get brochures about my tassels and (maybe) actual tassels into at least one local bridal gown store and at least one home decor store.
    A wedding brochure is almost done.
  2. Take new tassels for each season/holiday to the local gallery where my tassels are on consignment.
    I need to check in with the gallery.
  3. List a new tassel or item every day in my Etsy store.
    I didn’t list much for the first half of March. But I have listed every day for a while now, and have more tassels to list. But I am starting to run out of new items — I need to start work on summer tassels.
  4. List a new item weekly in my Zibbet store.
    Still a fail. But I have new items actually ready to list there — I guess I should have been more incremental in my goals. Let’s change the goal for April — list one new item in my Zibbet store.
  5. Make at least one Etsy sale per month.
    Yes! I had 2 Etsy sales in March.
  6. Make at least 40 Etsy sales this year.
    7 down, 33 to go.
  7. Have a home show.
    Planning is not progressing. Must work on that.
  8. Teach a class on beading tassels.
    No plans yet. Good thing I’m looking back at my goals. Maybe I’ll actually remember to start planning this.

I think I’m not finishing goals as fast as I hoped. But progress is being made.

How did I do on my March goals?

  1. Finish brochures for wedding & baby stores.
    Wedding brochure is almost done.
  2. Set location & date for home show.
  3. Send postcards about home show.
    Obviously not.
  4. Create more engraved copper medallions.
  5. Create 2 art tassels for the art show in May.
    Yes, and they are beautiful. See them here: Koi Pond Beaded Tassel and Sunrise Tassel.
  6. Finish new tassel lines.
  7. Plan tassel beading class.
  8. Create new items for Zibbet store & list.
    I have a couple items photographed but not listed.
  9. Finish website update.
  10. Roll out new logo across the Internet.
  11. Apply to be a guest blogger on a blog of someone I don’t know (this is going to be an ongoing monthly goal as I strive to write more — I already have a couple places to guest blog, I want to reach out more)

Four goals completed, and two in progress, leaving five uncompleted. Not bad.

April Goals

  1. Finish wedding store brochure.
  2. Take wedding store brochure to at least one store.
  3. Start baby shower brochure.
  4. Plan home show.
  5. Send postcards for home show.
  6. Plan tassel beading class.
  7. Finish and post to this blog the Tassel Collections pages.
  8. List at least one item in Zibbet store.
  9. Make at least one item for the Zibbet store.
  10. Finish and list Easter tassels.
  11. Make beaded purple butterfly tassel.
  12. Make fun summer tassels.
  13. Start planning Halloween/fall tassels.
  14. Do state sales taxes, check profit/loss for 1st quarter.

Wish me luck!

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  1. “This month, writing goals suffered (except the blog) and the house is cleaner. Perhaps there is a connection.”

    I agree. There is a connection. Less cleaning, more writing! :)

    • Yes, less cleaning, more writing is ideal, but there is a certain minimum amount of cleaning that really needs to be done. :)

  2. Lizbeth – I love your blog to keep yourself on track! I still haven’t found the perfect way to keep myself “honest” and focused. It’s helpful to see that others have some of the same struggles (for me: clean house, decent meals cooked for family, not enough product in shop!!!)

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