Koi Pond Beaded Tassel: Creating an Art Tassel

Koi Pond Beaded Tassel on its sideI will be in an art show at the end of April, so I have made a couple tassels especially for that show. Let me share with you a behind-the-scenes peek at making a beaded tassel, the Koi Pond Beaded Tassel.

Some months ago, I found an amazing silver fish at the bead store. I knew right away it was going to need a special tassel to show it off. I decided to make a fish pond tassel for my new fish.

The 7 inch tassel gives me a lot of room to play with beads, as well as giving me a second place for beads at the top (see the pale green and yellow bead lines in the photo to the left). So I picked out four thread colors (to give the illusion of water and multiple layers within the pond) and started the tassel. I had a dark blue, a dark green, a light variegated blue, and a bright green. They complemented each other, 2 dark colors and 2 light, so I layered them. First I wrapped the dark colors, and then the light colors.

The threads wrapped on the tassel formThen I tied it off and cut the end.

Koi Pond Tassel Tied OffThen I started adding beads.

Now I have a beautiful tassel with lots of gorgeous beads. Can you spot the hidden orange bead strands (meant to be fish hiding in the pond)?

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  1. That really is a work of art. Absolutely amazing.

  2. That is really amazing. Truly a work of art.

  3. I really like your new tassel! Great photos! YAYYYY for the art show!!

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