Sunday Service: My Faith

"Tinka" Bell

Image by Puzzler4879 via Flickr

I struggle with how much of my faith to reveal in public. I realized last night that a lot almost all my passion for justice and compassion truly stems from my Buddhist faith. And yet, I don’t like to talk about my faith, and I am realizing that that amounts to hiding my light under a bushel as far as communicating my passion for justice & compassion is concerned.

But even to write, in a public forum, that I am coming from a faith perspective, and what that faith is, feels like too much.

I don’t know how to feel comfortable with talking about my faith, and still let people know how strongly I feel about justice and compassion in the world.

I think about all the people whom I know might read this entry, and what they will think of it, and I am tempted not to publish it. I feel more daunted by the people I know, than all the strangers I don’t. But if I cannot talk about my passion without discussing my faith, then I must be comfortable discussing my faith. This cryptic, half-revealing, half-not blog entry is a first step, I suppose.

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