Tuesday Treasure: Beaded Scarf Tassel with Butterflies

Need something to perk up your clothing now that spring is coming? I have the perfect beaded tassel for you. Bright pink and orange, with happy silver butterflies floating on the beaded fringes, it is guaranteed to make you smile.

If you like it, please visit my Etsy shop to purchase it and see other beautiful and unique beaded tassels.

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  1. Hi therelizbethsgardenI I noticed your blog site on Google the other day and I am extremely grateful that I did!
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    I will bookmark your site for future reference!
    Thanks a lot lizbethsgarden for Tuesday Treasure: Beaded Scarf Tassel with Butterflies « Lizbeth's …, a great blog post!

  2. This blog has inspired me to start writing on my own blog

  3. Hi. I really like your tassels. I was wondering if you would make custom tassels? I want bead tassels for a table runner I’m making, but can’t find the right color combination anywhere. I would be happy to order, if you can…….

    • Yes, I do make custom tassels. Just specify the color and size (1 inch, 2 inch, 4 inch, or 7 inch) you want and how many. I also need to know what kind of tassel top you want: metal ring, no hanger, or thread hanger (and how long). I will set up a custom listing in my Etsy store that you can purchase. If you want to check the colors before I make the tassels, I sell a thread & bead sample you can purchase before I begin work:

      You can use my contact page to send me your order:

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