More on SOPA & PIPA

Peter Frase makes the argument at Al-Jazeera English that the fight over SOPA & PIPA was not a fight between labour and capital but rather a fight between different factions of capitalism, the content sellers and the content distributors. He enumerates the odd alliances in the U.S. Senate engendered by the bills. That alone makes his article worth reading.

I would agree with Peter Frase in general, although I disagree that ordinary folks are caught in the middle of a clash of corporate Titans. That terminology implies a helplessness and a passivity on the part of ordinary folks that I don’t see. I think the fight over SOPA & PIPA was actually a perfect example of the grassroots making a difference. Yes, there were large corporations on both sides, but to diminish the role of everyday people in the defeat of the bills implies that we are all corporate cats-paws. And I, for one, still retain the ability to think for myself.

However, the article is an interesting breakdown of the struggle on the larger scale, and I found it quite interesting.

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