Sunday Service: Compassion

Avalokiteśvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion,...

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Every major world religion aspires to teaching compassion and holding its adherents to task to live a compassionate life. These aspirations often fall aside in the face of human greed and desire, but the aspiration is still there. I recently learned about a new website offering accountability for compassion in our lives. Charter for Compassion was started by Karen Armstrong, theologian and author, as a way of bringing more compassion into the world.

From the website:

The Charter of Compassion is a cooperative effort to restore not only compassionate thinking but, more importantly, compassionate action to the center of religious, moral and political life. Compassion is the principled determination to put ourselves in the shoes of the other, and lies at the heart of all religious and ethical systems. One of the most urgent tasks of our generation is to build a global community where men and women of all races, nations and ideologies can live together in peace.

I encourage you to act with compassion this week and every week, to be mindful of the people around you, and follow the Golden Rule.

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