The Kittens: A True Story

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Note: This is a true story about the kittens I had when I was a little girl. The picture is a stock photo, but looks amazingly like one of the kittens in my story.

One Sunday, my mother, my little brother, and I went to church. My dad decided to stay home that day. After the service, on the church steps, was something that hadn’t been there before. A box! And the box was making little noises. “Mew! Mew! Mew!”

There were seven tiny kittens in the box. There was no mother cat. What were we (everyone who had attended church) going to do with seven tiny kittens? They were so tiny, they would fit in the palm of your hand.

Five of the kittens had cream-colored bodies, with orange striped ears, paws, and tail. They looked like adorable little orange Siamese kittens. One of the kittens was black with small spots of orange, cream, and white, a very dark calico kitten. She looked like the night sky shining with stars. The smallest kitten barely had his eyes open, and he was orange and white striped.

My mother decided to take two of the kittens. She decided to take the smallest kitten, the striped one, because she had experience with kittens and was confident she could raise him. And she took one more kitten, the calico female, to teach the little one how to be a cat. She said the littlest one would need help, since he had no mother, and so we needed a second kitten to teach him.

We put the two kittens we were taking home in another box, and we put the box in the car and started home. But it was a long way home, and the calico one did not like the movement of the car. She would not stay in the box. She climbed out, and started running around the car, looking for a hiding place. Suddenly she disappeared. My mother would not stop the car, so we just kept on going, knowing she could not have gotten out of the car.

When we got home, my dad was not happy that we had brought two kittens home with us. And he was even less happy that he had to search the entire car for one of the kittens. Finally he found her, wedged underneath the driver’s seat. She was so far into the springs that we could not get her out. My dad had to remove the entire driver’s seat from the car. When he lifted it out, there she was, curled up in the very middle of the springs. We lifted her out and took her inside with her brother.

My brother named the striped one, Roughwind, for the way he grabbed at you when you tried to pet him. And I named the calico Starbright for her shining stars in her black fur.

Later, the vet told my mother they were barely four weeks old and should never have been taken from their mother. We never knew if something had happened to their mother, or if they had been deliberately taken from her. Both kittens survived, although it was touch and go with Roughwind for a while — it turned out he didn’t know how to eat without his mother and did need his sister to help him learn, and lived long and happy lives for many years.

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