Tuesday Treasure: Custom Beaded Tassels and Personalized Metal: Something for Everyone

Do you need wedding favors? Perhaps a metal charm to commemorate a team’s accomplishment? Do you have a favorite quote you would like engraved? Do you have a ceiling fan crying out for the perfect fan pull? Or maybe you want that perfect fun and funky accessory or keychain?

Lizbeth’s Garden, supplier of beaded tassels and engraved metal, has what you need. If it’s not already made, then I am happy to make you a custom tassel or engraved metal charm.

Large copper medallion can be engraved or stamped with words of your choice

The colors you need, with personalization, and keychain or thread tops

Need some help ordering?

How to Order a Custom Tassel

How to Order a Metal Charm

There are more custom tassels for everyone and every need at Lizbeth’s Garden. Visit today to order your custom tassel or personalized metal medallion!

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  1. Those copper medallions would also look really cute as a necklace or earrings!

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