February Goals: How did I do? Plus New Business & Blogging Goals for March

It’s not the first day of March, but it’s close :), so it’s time to look back at the goals I set for February. I did okay in January. How did I do for February?

First up, the personal goals.

  1. Write more. Post every day to this blog. Work more on my novel — at least a paragraph a day, preferably 500 words a day. Get out of the no-poetry-writing slump I’ve been in.
    Check, but not as good as January. I’ve been writing something in my journal and posting to Daily Writing Practice most every weekdays, but I’ve been missing a few days here and there. I have posted to this blog all but 7 days this month, which sounds good but is one more day without publishing than in January. Some poetry has been written. No work was done on the novel. :(
  2. Start writing notes and letters to friends and family again.
    A note was written. I must mail it. This is an improvement.
  3. Keep the house clean. Start following a housekeeping/cleaning schedule again.
    We’re not talking about this one. I will try harder.

This month I mostly kept the writing goals, and improved with the writing notes goal. Again, let’s ignore the house. You know I didn’t keep that one.

Next up, business resolutions for the year.

  1. Get brochures about my tassels and (maybe) actual tassels into at least one local bridal gown store and at least one home decor store.
    Brochures were actually begun. Progress was made.
  2. Take new tassels for each season/holiday to the local gallery where my tassels are on consignment.
    Check. I need to find out what she wants to do about spring tassels.
  3. List a new tassel or item every day in my Etsy store.
    I haven’t listed in a while on Etsy. I have a huge number of ribbon rose tassels I need to finish, and I’m bogged down in them. I need to photograph the two tassels I have done and list them.
  4. List a new item weekly in my Zibbet store.
    Fail. But I actually have ideas for new products there. This is an improvement.
  5. Make at least one Etsy sale per month.
    Yes! I had 3 Etsy sales in February. One was my first Etsy trade ever, so that was exciting.
  6. Make at least 40 Etsy sales this year.
    5 down, 35 to go.
  7. Have a home show.
    Planning is not progressing. Must work on that.
  8. Teach a class on beading tassels.
    No plans yet. Good thing I’m looking back at my goals. Maybe I’ll actually remember to start planning this.

Again, half the goals are on track, half are not. I need to work on this.

How did I do on my February goals?

  1. Start new lines of wedding tassels, baby shower tassels, and spring flower tassels.
  2. Set date for home show (ideally in March).
  3. If home show is in March, send out postcards.
    N/A (See #2)
  4. Start new line of engraved copper medallions.
  5. Start planning for tassel beading class.
    Fail. Must do in March.
  6. Create brochures.
    Progress was made.
  7. Renew Zibbet items. Add one item per week to Zibbet store.
    Items renewed. More items not added.
  8. Create a free gift for people who sign up for my newsletter.
    Check. Sign up and receive a tip sheet for taking photos in low light conditions.

Well, it seems like I am good at getting about half my goals done. :)

In addition to the goals listed here, I spent time updating this website and creating a new logo.

New Business Goals for March

  1. Finish brochures for wedding & baby stores.
  2. Set location & date for home show.
  3. Send postcards about home show.
  4. Create more engraved copper medallions.
  5. Create 2 art tassels for the art show in May.
  6. Finish new tassel lines.
  7. Plan tassel beading class.
  8. Create new items for Zibbet store & list.
  9. Finish website update.
  10. Roll out new logo across the Internet.
  11. Apply to be a guest blogger on a blog of someone I don’t know (this is going to be an ongoing monthly goal as I strive to write more — I already have a couple places to guest blog, I want to reach out more)

I feel quite ambitious, bringing the March goals up to 11 goals, when I haven’t been completing all 8 goals. I’ll check back in April and let you know how it went.

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