Tuesday Treasure: Candle Making Supplies

I don’t usually offer destash in my shop, mainly because I figure I will eventually use all my supplies. However, when I first opened my shop, I thought I would offer teacup candles and I bought all the supplies. Since that time, though, I have decided that candle-making is not for me, and I have never even opened the supplies I bought. So, if you are interested in getting started in candlemaking, here’s your opportunity.

Update: Sold! And as always, visit my Etsy shop, Lizbeth’s Garden, for affordable luxury — unique beaded tassels, potpourri, dried flowers, and more.

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  1. I do not know how much you profit from the sale of this set,
    but my advice is that you try to make the candle.
    You might enjoy.

    • Thanks! I think I probably would, but I’ve heard some stories about candlemaking that make me think it’s not for me, since I bought these items, and I’d rather they go to someone else who will really enjoy them instead of sitting around collecting dust in a drawer.

  1. Candle Making Basics and Tips - Amazing Candles and Candle Ideas

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