The Snow Monsters Came Again (Fiction)

The snow monsters came again last night. Harry almost got caught by them. We can’t find Kitty Cat this morning, either. But today the west wind came and blew the clouds away. A respite day, of blue skies and brilliant winter sun, is very welcome. I can see the clouds on the horizon, though, lurking.

The clouds moved in in the night. I thought we would have another day of respite, but it was snowing by mid-morning. I had taken the children to school. I run around the house, slamming and locking the shutters, praying they are safe. Does the school really have adequate shutters? Are the drills they practice good enough? What if they are at recess? I don’t know. Most parents, including myself, keep the children at home nowadays when snow is expected. But the weather forecast called for rain, not snow. I should never have believed them, the liars.

As I lock the last shutter, I hear the howling of the snow monsters. I run in the house, pulling the reinforced door shut behind me. I wish the children were here. I was a fool.

The snow monsters don’t get in. I am lucky. But the snow doesn’t stop for hours, and I cannot get the children until it is over, for the monsters will come back this way at the end of the snowfall, going back to the mountains. I resist the urge to call the school, knowing many other frantic parents will be doing the same thing.

Waiting impatiently in the half-dark made by the shutters and the snow, I wonder, how much longer can we live like this? Would anywhere else be safer? Everything has changed since The War, and I don’t know if anyone is safe. And my husband has a job here, which is more than many can say these days.

Read the first installment here.

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