Snow Monsters: A (Fiction) Vignette

The sun was shining but the cloud wall was moving in from the north. The streets quickly emptied out as the call went out. “The snow monsters are coming!” This was the first big storm of the season, but we soon remembered what to do. The cars pulled into driveways, doors slammed, shutters pulled across the windows. We got the whole house locked and shuttered and curled together in the unfamiliar darkness of our daylight basement. Harry whimpered softly. We knew when the cloud wall hit, the sound of the wind and then the quiet of snow falling was unmistakeable. We shivered, knowing the snow monsters couldn’t be far behind.

The howling started, and we shuddered and drew closer. We could hear the snow monsters slamming into our shutters and yanking on the locks. When they couldn’t get in, they moved onto the next house. Hours later, the snow stopped and the snow monsters retreated to the mountains and glaciers north of town. We emerged from our houses, blinking in the light. We were safe, until next time.

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  1. Short but well written. I would really love to hear more of this story if at all possible. I like the feel of the story, almost like i’m in the basement myself. I too like to craft and write, if you’d like to check out my blog it’s at it isn’t at all fancy but has fun and simple projects and things to read. Thank you for sharing!

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