Ordering Custom Medallions from Lizbeth’s Garden

Do you ever look at the copper medallions in Lizbeth’s Garden and wonder how to order one for yourself?

{I already wrote a post on custom beaded tassels. Future posts will cover custom orders from my other stores on Zibbet and Wedding Bliss Lane.}

Lizbeth’s Garden

Custom Medallions

      1. Do you want a stamped or engraved medallion?
      2. Will you buy an existing custom listing? This is best if you only want one medallion and are satisfied with the shape and size of what I have on hand. All existing listings use copper medallions. {Click the image to be taken to the listing in my Etsy shop}


        Click the image to be taken to the custom listing in my shop and follow the directions in the listing OR
      3. Contact me with the details of the medallion(s) you want:
        • size
        • shape
        • metal (silver, sterling silver, brass, copper, nickel, pewter, anodized aluminum {in red, black, or gold})
        • what you want on the medallion (allow 1/8 inch per letter = approximately 8 characters per 1 inch or 25 mm) {I reserve the right to reject orders for offensive wording}

        {Warning: not all sizes and/or shapes are available in every metal! I will work with you to make sure you are happy with your medallion!}

      4. If you followed step 2 (buying a custom listing for a single medallion), I will make your medallion and ship it to you. If you are ordering more than one medallion or following step 3, go to step 5.
      5. I send you a cost estimate and (if you followed step 3) photos. I require a deposit of 50% (not including shipping) if the estimated cost is over $15 or I need to order materials. This deposit is non-refundable.
      6. You approve price and/or photos.
      7. If a deposit is required, I will either send you an invoice or make a reserved Etsy listing for you, depending on your preference.
      8. When I receive payment of the deposit, I will make a medallion and send you photos. Upon your approval of the photos, I will invoice you again or create another reserved Etsy listing for you for the balance of payment, including shipping. Payment must be received within 2 weeks of invoice (or listing creation) or the order is canceled.
      9. When I receive payment of the balance, I will complete your order and ship your medallions.

If you have questions, or to place an order, please contact me or visit my Etsy store. I accept both Google Wallet and PayPal. If you are curious about the quality of my work, you can read the feedback from customers in my Etsy store.

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  1. I really love your work! I would have never thought to make a medallion out of a penny. I would like to have a link to your page in my blogroll if that’s alright with you?

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