Tuesday Treasure: Cranberry and Gold Man in the Moon Tassel

Shortly after I started Lizbeth’s Garden, I bought carved crescent moons with the man in the moon and stars to match. I thought I would make a moon and stars tassel. That never happened, and now I bring you this beautiful Christmas ornament.

There are six beaded fringes of red and amber brown seed beads. The final beads of the fringes alternate around the tassel — half are the man in the moon, and half are large amber glass beads with gold sparkles around the middle.

Besides hanging this beautiful beaded tassel on your Christmas tree, you could also use it as a stocking tassel, or a drawer pull or key fob, or even a clothing tassel — perhaps at the end of a shawl or scarf. The possibilities are endless.

If you have a dream for this tassel, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have or even modify the tassel to meet your needs.

You can find more beautiful beaded tassels like this one in my Etsy shop, Lizbeth’s Garden.

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